Heinrich "Henry" Feuerborn
1802 – 1870


Our Family name came from Westphalen Province (between the Rhine and the Weser River in West Prussia) in an area known as "Teutoburger Forest". Here, in the flatlands of Dorfesvalley, there are many farms that carry the of Feuerborn back almost to the year 1300. This is where the surnames of Jacobfeuerborn, Tönsfeuerborn and Junkerfeuerborn also like Paulfeuerborn are located.


Heinrich Gerhard Jacobfeuerborn was born in Verl, Prussia on January 10, 1802. His Father was Johann Christopher Jacobfeuerborn and Mother was Elisabeth Koch. They went to St. Anna Church in Verl.




Heinrich Jacobfeuerborn married Elisabeth Hülshorst on May 17, 1831 in Verl, Prussia at St. Anna Church. 




June 10, the first girl Anna Maria, in the USA known as Mary was born.




June 13, second daughter Elisabeth was born.


December 12, Heinrichs wife Elisabeth died. Heinrich had his aunt, said to be a Classbrummel (Brummel), raise his two baby girls as her own




Henry settled in the area of Naperville, Illionois.




In the late 1830's or in the early 1840's, German families by the names of Feuerborn and Brummel left Verl, Germany to settle in the United States. After the Prussia War, the country of Prussia was divided between Germany and France. They left Germany to escape the German milita. They did not want to be forced to serve in the army. Fearing they would be traced and punished for escaping the milita, the two families decided to exchange names. The Brummel's were taller people and the Feuerborn's were shorter people.




Henry returns to Verl, Prussia.




Henry married margaret Becker, who is about 25 years old, the were married on May 17, 1843 at St. Anna Church, Verl, Prussia.




Their first son Johann Heinrich was born.




Daughter Anna Marie was born.


The Emigration of the Jacobfeuerborn's to America began soon after that.




Three of Henry's nephews: Johann, born April 20, 1828, Heinrick, born December 29, 1830 and Conrad, born October 31, 1826 come to America on April 4, 1949 a boarded the Johann Carl in Bremen with Hermann Feldewert, age 27 and Heinrich Wiesbrock, age 20. They were headed for New York, with their final destination Illinois. Each ws listed as "workman" and each took with one box with him. The passenger list of the Johann Carl shows his name as "Heinrich Class Brummer", but it seems that almost as soon as he stepped off the boat he changed his name to Henry Feuerborn.




Henry and his wife Margaret (Becker), and four children moved to La Salle County, Illinois, where they farmed. They had Mary and Elizabeth from Henry's first marriage and John Henry and Anna Marie.


Heinrich's nice, Elisabeth (Classbrummel) Hermreck and her husband Wilhelm Anhorst Hermreck and their 5 children also arrived in this year, possibly with Heinrich. 


Heinrich became a citizen of the United States.


Conrad was born




Henry was born




John Christopher was born




Henry sold his farm and moved to Garnett, Kansas where they continued farming in Anderson County. They helped to build a new church, "St. Boniface".




In the spring, John Henry, age 15 and John Pickert took a trip to Pikes Peak, Colorado, and on their return settled in Garnett, Kansas. They later went into the army together.




Anna married Henry Westenmeyer on November 4, 1860




Joseph was born.




Henry and Margaret along with Conrad and Joseph moved back to Ottawa, Illinois to get away from the war, to get out of the war.




Henry died.

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