From Bankwitz, Carlsruhe and Poppelau area to the World

Hello to all THOMALLAs and associated people with them.
Hell to all interested people in the ancestral / genealogical research.

It was in 1995 I got an e-mail with the question "Are we related?" from the United States.
Until that day I had not thought about where I came from where are the roots of my own family.

Prompted by the question of a possible relationship, I started with the first investigation and then had to quickly find that there are no common roots. At least they were not directly visible. But the result I did not want to accept, without deeper investigation. The Family Research since that day did  not allow me to leave it.

My first research results as well as my contact information from the U.S., I've placed directly on a small and quite manageable website in the early Internet. Responses to my publishing certainly have to wait a few years away. But after about 4 years, I got a contact by letter from England. Unfortunately, it turned out very quickly that I would not put his information on. Further, about 2 years later, the crucial clue came also from England. This information has then alerted me to the area between the villages of Bankwitz, Carlsruhe and Poppelau. Fortunately, the Bankwitz and Poppelaue Catholic church records filmed by the Mormons. So I could easily study this books at the Mormone FHC (Family History Center). The result of this, you will find in the  segment "Thomalla - Bankwitz / Carlsruhe (U.S., UK and ZA lines)." Now I could finally prove that the Thomalla families in England and South Africa share common roots in these area as well as the family of Tom Ozanne (has sadly passed away) from the USA, who was the trigger of my researches. A connection to my now very large Thomalla Family Association, which has its roots in Koslowitz near Landsberg in the Kreis Rosenberg, I could not yet find.

If you have additions, correktion to my databas or documents such as photos and / or documents or newspaper articles about people in this lineage, I am always interested in it.

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Have fun with using and checking my webside


Thomalla - Bankwitz / Carlsruhe (US, UK and ZA lines)
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