Thomalla (Schlesien) and Jacobfeuerborn (Westfalen)

Welome to the genealogy side of the Thomalla (Upper Silesia) and Jacobfeuerborn (Westphalia) families.

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welcome to my site for family research. I hope you enjoy browsing and searching. Maybe the one or the other grabs the fever of the research. I would be happy anyway.

I offer my site under the following bases:

Besides my special database "Thomalla and Jacobfeuerborn" are have following family trees
on this system:

    Thomalla - Bankwitz / Carlsruhe (PL, DE, UK, US, ZA)
    Thomalla - Deutsch Müllmen and Zülz (PL, DE)
    Thomalla - Friedland (Korfantófw) (PL, DE)
    Thomalla - Psychode (PL, DE)
    Thomalla - Landsberg (Gorzów Sl), Poniszowice, Tillowitz, Alt Rept, Pawonkau, Guttentag,
                    Slawentzitz, Tworóg and some more (PL, DE, US)
    Jacobfeuerborn - Verl in Westphalia (old county Rietberg) and surrounding villages (DE, US)

    VERL – transcripted dates from St. Anna parish registers. (1742 - 1848) [will be continued]

If you run into errors, please let me know it so I can fix it. - THANK YOU

Josef Thomalla

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Kleines Familientreffen in AMSTERDAM - Oktober 2016

A little family reunion in AMSTERDAM - October 2016

Familientreffen Oktober 2016 - Amsterdan

Lisa - Ken - Sarah - Josef


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